Monday, August 3, 2009

The glitter dot goddess costume

About a month ago I started making a costume from scratch using some fantastic glitter dot and mystique lycra. I was going to blog about it once it was all finished, but well I am too excited and I've been home sick so I have nothing else to do. Here is what I hope to be a run down of the events thus far.

I was inspired while at JoAnn's by this fantastical fabric. I had to have it and I knew what I wanted right away. I think all the supplies and fabric cost about $50 or $60.


First I "sketched" out the design in Photoshop using a croquis I found online.

Then, I traced my L Rose skirt on some large white craft paper as the pattern. I cut out the design and I now I have a basic skirt pattern. The skirt is three panels, one in the front and two in the back.
the skirt

Next, I traced the bra shape from my Great Loop--which fits me perfectly--onto craft paper to use as a pattern. I also had a bra from a Delta Burke body suit that I bought for $6 at Ross. I used the body suit portion for a tummy cover and was able to use the bra for this part.

As a result of my diligent tracing onto craft paper, I now have nice patterns for sleek skirts and bras. :)

Next, I needed to reinforce the bra. I knew that the bra wasn't going to be too heavy because of the design, so I decided not to line the original bra. Instead, I used a couple of layers of Aleene's fabric stiffener to help them maintain their shape. And because the purple lycra glitter dot was so fragile, I decided to use fusible interfacing on it. Well, it was a pain in the butt to get that interfacing to fuse onto the fabric. Such is the nature of a 4-way stretch fabric. You live you learn!

I also needed some strong fabric for the side-straps of my bra. I decided to use the heavy-duty outdoor canvas that I had used to recover some porch furniture. I stitched neatly around the edges and then went back and sewed the allowance down on the inside
the side straps
the side straps

While watching "A year in provence" (it's a four-hour film), I sewed the fabric onto the cups.
covering the bra
the bra covered
the inside of the bra

At this point it was really coming together...
basic shape
basic shape
basic shape with the pink

Then, I had to make the rouched bit. That sort of left me scratching my head, but I used the tried and true gathering/ruffling technique and it looked pretty good.
the skirt with rouching
Repeat on bra:
The bra is looking great

After showing this to Adam and Seher, we decided that the rouching was too long and that the zipper didn't match...
the skirt on a body
The zipper

So, ugh, I had to redo the skirt, but I think it looks much better now.

All that was left was embellishments. Taking a break from redoing the skirt, I decided to bead the bra using iridescent sequins and reddish pink seed beads.
Original bra design with red beads
Red beads
red beads detail

I decided that the red blended in too much with the pink fabric, so while at JoAnn's to buy a new zipper, I took a look at the beads. To my surprise they had a new stock of more red beads, but lots of purple ones! Well that settled it. I am much happier with the new color.
Purple beads, details

I also bought this awesome cotton fabric to line the bra with:
fabric lining for the bra

So here we are as of yesterday at 6:00pm or so:
Almost done!

As I mentioned, today I was sick so I spent all day beading and watching tv. Boring, yet productive.
almost complete!
almost there!
skirt detail with fringe
skirt detail

All I have left is to finish the fringe, attach the bra strap, add hooks and line the fabric. I will be done in no time...Now if I could just get over my cold...

More pictures at (oh and the thumbnails are clickable).

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