Thursday, March 4, 2010

Everyday beauty tip: Finally, a non-dance related blog!

A couple of weeks ago I bought a clearance dress from Target for $15. It's so cute and trendy that I decided I needed to wear cute shoes with it. Now, I've been on the unsuccessful hunt for cute boots all season and I have yet to find anything. So this morning while digging around in my closet for something other than my go-to Danskos, I rediscovered a pair of brown boots!

These boots are several years old but they are the kind that will never go out of style (well, I guess you can be the judge of that). I don't wear them often (I probably haven't worn them for three years) because they hurt my feet, especially my heels. Desperately wanting to wear them, I went searching for something to cushion my feet. I don't have any of those gel inserts, but alas! I remembered the inserts from my Brooks sneakers that I got last year.

When I bought my brooks, the salesperson at Fleet Fleet convinced me to buy the expensive inserts to go with them (and I am glad he did). However, that left me with the original inserts from the shoes. I pulled them out of the box and placed them in my boots. It fit! Now my boots are comfier and I'll probably wear them more often.

I should add, that this does make the boots smaller. I had some extra wiggle room in these boots, not to mention narrow feet, and now it is tad too tight on my right foot. However, it's better than it was before and I can now actually get more use out of these things!

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