Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My First Student Hafla

Yay, we did it! Last weekend I hosted my first student hafla! Now, I've helped plan lots of events before but this one was all me (well not really, because I had so much help).

All of the performers, students and professionals alike, were fantastic and the audience was so supportive. I want to especially thank my student troupe, the Nightingales (pictured above celebrating in our awesome handmade costumes), for all of their hard work preparing for the event. A video of my solo performance can be found here.

At the end of the night we raised $100 for the Triangle Belly Dance Scholarship Fund, which helps students in financial need pay for belly dance classes and workshops. To apply for the scholarship, visit http://andaleedance.com/Triangle-Belly-Dance-Scholarship-Fund.pdf.

Oh and if anyone attended the event and has pictures to share, please let me know. I posted pictures from the event on Facebook.

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Theeny said...

Hi Andalee, I watched your dance to Enta Omri on youtube and I was mesmerised...also, I ADORE the costumes you made for your students; simple yet classy
Theeny (Athenaserpent on bhuz)