Monday, May 10, 2010

Two and two makes new!

I've blogged about both of my handmade costumes here and I really like both of them. The first one was the sleek and simple pink and purple costume and the second was the stash buster.

For my hafla I wanted to wear something super easy to get in and out of because I would have to change costumes twice. That ruled out several things right away. I also wanted to wear something a little more casual, yet unique. I reached for my stash buster.

However, I was never really a fan of the bra on the stash buster...So I had to find an alternative. I tried it with some cholis and other top options and then I pulled out my pink and purple bra...Hmm, well the colors matched close enough and if I wore my pink overskirt (that I was wearing for other dances that night anyway) then it would pull it all together!

I love how the pairing works together. It's perfect for a community event or hafla and the whole thing is so comfy and lightweight! The coolest part: I made everything myself all the way from my hairpiece to my skirt!

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